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Protein sources for vegetarians

It is the most common problem of all vegetarians is that they find a lack of protein sources in their diet. But a study has found that a balanced and sufficient proper diet can fulfill the requirement of the proper amount of water. According to the study for the vegetarian, there are so many protein sources for vegetarians are much better and more than non-veg proteins.

In the sources of protein for vegetarians, there are so many products that can fulfill the requirement of protein. There is no fixed amount of protein that you can use on a daily bases. It totally depends on your daily work. There is a need for protein for bodybuilders. Because protein is a very important factor for the growth of our muscles. So, we are here to tell you about protein sources for vegetarians.

Highest Protein Sources For Vegetarians

There are many high protein foods for vegetarians. There are the non-veg sources also of protein-rich foods. But here we are discussing only the best source of protein for vegetarians. For vegetarians, there is not the minimum source but there are fewer products by which they can get protein. That we are discussing here.

(a). Fruits & vegetables

Following protein sources for vegetarians:-

(1). Banana

Banana is the most lovely product for the whole world. It is taken by the whole world. Banana is a lovely fruit for bodybuilders and gym boys. It reduces the risk of blood pressure and risks of asthma.
Protein in Banana= 1.5 gram
Fat= 0.5 gram
Calories= 125

(2). Apple

Apple is a very powerful and popular fruit in the world. It boosts your health on a higher level. If you want to become healthy then you should take 1 Apple on a daily bases. You should take it in the morning time. After eating it you will not face any type of stomach problem like stomach Pain. Its benefits have been discussed in Ayurveda also.
Protein In Apple= 0.5 gram
Carbohydrates= 24 gram

Calories= 80
Fat= o.2 gram

(3). Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is very delicious for eating. Anyone can eat it easily. You will find it in the time of winter mostly. It is like a potato. But it is sweet than potato. You can also eat it directly or without boiling. It is a very good source of protein. And sugar in it is very useful for our health. You will get this amount of protein in 100 Gram sweet potato.
Protein In Sweet Potato= 1.9 gram
Calories= 83
Fat= 0.2 gram
Carbohydrate= 20 gram

(4). Cabbage

Cabbage is a leafy vegetable. It the combination of vitamins, protein & fibers. It has a low calorie. Mostly we use it in the form of vegetables in our houses. You can eat it without boiling. After boiling it is delicious also to eat with chapati. There are no carbohydrates in Cabbage. You will get this amount of protein in 100 Gram Cabbage.
Protein In Cabbage= 22 gram
Fat= 28 gram

Calories= 340

(5). Carrot

Carrot is a very delicious product. You can eat it like a vegetable and like fruit. You can make juice also it. Its juice improves your hemoglobin in your body. It improves iron also in your body. Carrot contains vitamin A, antioxidants, and so many nutrients. It reduces the risk of cancer. You will get these things from 100 Gram Carrot.
Protein In Carrot= 0.8 gram
Fat= 0.4 gram
Carbohydrates= 10 gram
Calories= 40

"The Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians"|Healthtration

(b). Dairy Product

Following protein sources for vegetarians in dairy products:-

(1). Milk

Milk is a very good product for our health and it comes to protein-rich vegetarian food. It is a white liquid that we get from buffalo, cow, got, etc. For our health, the milk of the cow is very useful and good for the full body. It is hot heavy milk like the milk of buffalo. This produces more energy in our bodies. It makes us active.
Protein in the milk of 100 ml= 3.2 gram
Calories= 50
Carbohydrates= 4.9 gram
Fat= 2.4 gram

(2). Paneer

Paneer is a type of cheese. It comes out from the milk. When we put any decomposed product like lemon in the milk. Then the waste products we put out from the milk like water and the rest of the product called paneer. It is famous especially in India, Nepal, etc. It is a very good source of protein. Evert bodybuilder takes paneer on a daily bases. We also use it to make vegetables also.
Protein In Paneer in 100 Gram= 22 gram
Fat= 28 gram

Calories= 345
Carbohydrates= 0 gram

(3). Butter

Butter is approximately the last product of the dairy or milk. Butter contains 80% butterfat. It is a dairy product and we get it from milk. It is the best product. Everyone should eat it. It is very powerful. it makes power in our bodies. It remains solid at room temperature. But in the summer season, it can be in liquid form also. But solid form is best then the liquid form.
Protein In butter in 100 Gram= 0.9 gram
Calories= 720
Carbohydrates= 0.2 gram
Fat= 80 gram

(4). Curd

Curd is a dairy product. We can obtain it by coagulating milk by the process called curdling. This process will be happened by adding enzymes rennet or an acidic substance like vinegar. By this process we get curd. And after this process, we get butter or ghee. It is a delicious product. It makes our body cool.

If you will use it in the early morning then you will not face any type of hotness in your body and there will be no problem of gas in the stomach and stomach pain. If we add potato in curd and then we eat it then it gives us powerful protein. It is the most common food for bodybuilders. Mostly they use curd and potato to eat. It the source of high protein food for them. It is the best protein source for vegetarians.
Protein In Curd In 100 Gram= 13 gram
Calories= 100
Fat= 4.3 gram
Carbohydrates= 3.2 gram

(c). Nuts & Seeds

Following best source for protein for vegetarians by Nuts & Seeds:-

(1). Almonds

"The Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians"|Healthtration

Almonds are necessary for health. Nuts especially the raw of almonds. That makes them delicious and healthy. Almonds are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat. We should take 4 nuts every day for good health and a good mind. Because it makes effect not only on our body. It is also effective for our minds also.
Protein In Almonds In 100 Gram= 22 gram
Carbohydrates= 15 gram
Calories= 530
Fat= 47 gram

(2). Peanuts

Peanuts contain an amino acid that is necessary for a lover and proper growth and development of the mind and body. Peanuts are rich in proteins. It controls the sugar level in blood. Basically it comes in the season of winter. But if you want to take the taste of peanuts and want to consume protein then you can use Peanut Butter of the best quality.
Protein In Peanuts In 100 Gram= 24 gram
Fat= 44 gram
Calories= 550
Cabohydrates= 20 gram

(3). Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are the store of nutrients, fatty acid, omega-3, and fibers. Flaxseeds are rich sources of micronutrients. You can make it like wheat and then you can use it in the protein shake or banana shake or in juice.
Protein In Flaxseeds In 100 Gram= 20 gram
Carbohydrates= 27 gram
Calories= 584

(4). Pistachios

Pistachios make a healthy heart, diabetes, hypertension, and improve the digestive system. All vitamins, proteins, fats found in pistachio are best for our health.
Protein In Pistachio= 21 gram
Fat= 4.4 gram

Calories= 525
Carbohydrates= 25 gram

(5). Walnut

It is also a good source of fatty acid, omega-3, iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, etc. It is a raw part of almond. It is good for health. We can use it in any juice or you will have to put it into the protein shake that you make at your home by the combination of some products.
Protein In Walnut In 100 Gram= 15 gram
Calories= 652 gram
Fat= 64 gram
Cabohydrates= 19 gram

(6). Raisins

Raisins are testy as well as good for our health. We should use 6 to 8 peases of the raisins every day for our good health. We can use them in mostly every product like milk, juice, protein shake, etc. It provides several health benefits.
Protein In Raisins= 3.4 gram
Fat= 0.7 gram
calories= 300

Carbohydrates= 80 gram

(d). Cereals & Legumes

Following protein sources for vegetarians by cereals & legumes:-

(1). Mung Bean

Mung is the best source of high nutrients. It contains potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamin B complex. It also contains high protein and fibers also. You can use it directly and in the form of roasted vegetables.
Protein In Mung In 100 Gram= 25 gram
Carbohydrates= 59 gram
Fat= 2.0 gram

Calories= 380

(2). White Rice

Rice is good food for eating. It is not so heavy like chapati. Basically we use it after boiling. It is tasty as well as healthy also. You can use it after boiling with sugar, without sugar, and with daal. Anyone can digest them easily. It gives instant energy. There are so many places where rice is the most popular because of its benefits.
Protein In White Rice= 3.8 gram
Fat= 0.8 gram

Calories= 182
Carbohydrates= 35 gram

(3). Oats

Oats are commonly eaten in the form of rolled. They have the potential of many health benefits.
Protein In Oats= 15 gram
Carbohydrates= 75 gram
Fat= 8 gram
Calories= 1380

(4). Wheat

"The Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians"|Healthtration

Wheat is the most useable grain all over the world. Most countries are growing wheat. We use it to make chapati. The whole world is depending on wheat. Because there are many types of wheat and there is not any product to eat without wheat.
Protein In Wheat= 14 gram
Calories= 350

Fat= 2.4 gram
Carbohydrates= 70 gram

(5). Soybean

Soybean also the ability to help in weight gaining and muscle building. Because it contains high protein and nutrients. It protects heart health, protect us from cancer.
Protein In Soybean In 100 Gram= 36 gram
Fat= 20 gram

Calories= 480
Carbohydrates= 30 gram

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which vegetarian food has high protein?

Ans. There are so many protein sources for vegetarians like peanuts, milk, butter, banana, almonds, chia seeds, tofu, curd, potato, sweet potato, daal, green peas, etc.

Q2. Is peanut butter gives us enough protein?

Ans. Yes, a good quality peanut butter gives us good quality protein. Most of the time you should use peanuts directly. But we don’t have as much time and we have to take protein with juice or protein shake. And a big problem is that we don’t get peanuts whole session. So, we can use peanut butter.

Q3. Can we get protein from paneer?

Ans. Yes, you can use paneer for a good source of protein. It gives a good quality protein. Most people use paneer on a daily bases to get protein.

Keep taking protein from vegetarian food and keep building your muscles and body.


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