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    Lower Back pain

    Lower back pain is a common problem for everyone. As we go at a higher age. We face the problem of back pain. Mostly we feel it after the age of 30 to 35. If any person does heavy work then that person can feel pain it the small age. But today approximately everyone is feeling lower back pain. It can be harmful also. So, let’s know about the cause of lower back pain and treatment of the back pain.

    Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain

    There are not many symptoms of pain. You can feel pain during walking, running and during the time of straight standing. You will feel suddenly like a knife has gone in your body or you will feel like cracking in your backbone. You can say that there is an old pain if you have the pain from 3 to 4 months after an injury during playing or after a heavy weight lifting.

    You should contact your doctor if you have unconsciously weight loss, any type of cancer, Use of steroid or drugs with a long-time period. At this time of the period, you should contact your health expert.

    Causes Of Lower Back Pain

    There are so many lower pain reasons. But we are discussing some common causes

    (1). Infection

    It is the rare chance of infection in the spine. But if it happens it can be dangerous. It can spread out because of any surgery, blood or any type of injection in the spine. In most of the cases, doctors have to put an injection in the spine. This injection is very harmful to the spine. This type of pain you will have to feel the whole life.

    (2). Your Job

    It is also can be a cause of pain. Because if you are doing a job in which you have to pull, push or lifting any heavy thing. Then it can because of your low pain. If your job maybe you stand on your fits for a long-time period or so many hours. Jobs like a driver, truck driver, mechanic, etc.

    (3). Your Sports

    Most of the sportsmen can get back pain. Because in their daily routine. They do the same type of task during their sports time. Either they move right, left, up and down. Because the same type of move for a long-time period and it is their daily routine. They get the spine pain. Because their spine gets stretched again and again in one direction.

    (4). Bad Posture

    lower back pain

    Our backbone provides us a special type of support. When we sit on the chair for a long time. We don’t sit in a proper manner. We don’t put any type of pressure on our fit or on our shoulders. We put all the pressure on the chair by our backbone. It can be harmful to our spine as well as it can affect our body posture also. Also when we are standing we should put proper or balanced pressure on both feet.

    (5). Bad Sleeping Position

    All the people on earth sleep daily. But even half of the people on the earth don’t sleep in the proper manner. When you sleep your backbone should be straight. You don’t have to put any type of pressure on the backbone. You have to sleep straight. Always sleep on bad type things. Don’t sleep on the cot? If we sleep on cot our backbone remains in bend condition.

    (6). Heavy weight lifting

    Most of the people go to the gym daily. But they don’t have the knowledge of weight lifting. They lift heavyweight out of their strength. It can be very very harmful. This type of injury can spoil your whole life. Even if it happens you will not be able to walk in the future.

    (7). Exercises forcefully

    It is also the same thing. The youth is going to do yoga stretching exercises. They want to bend their bodies in one day. But they don’t know it can be very harmful to them. We don’t have to bend our bodies forcefully. It will bend automatically. And after a long time period, you can bend your body in any direction. But immediately you can do these types of mistakes.

    Treatment Of Back Pain

    There are so many types of treatment of lower back pain. But now, we are going to discuss some common types of treatment at home. That how can you treat your low pain by following some type tips and tricks.

    (1). Exercise To Lower Back Pain

    There are many exercises that we do on a daily bases. But we have to tell you some common exercise for lower back pain.

    • Stretching slowly
    • Forward bend
    • Backward bend
    • Both side bend.
    • Hanging
    • Stretching
    • Wall siting
    • Bird and dog
    • Bridging

    (2). Use ice Or the hot thing

    You should use ice or hot water for wrapping on your backbone. You should use ice for 24 hours of any surgery or any low pain. After 24 hours you will have to use hot think like any heater for your back. In the beginning, you will use ice then there will be less blood then you will feel better. After 24 hours due to hot blood can flow easily in your backbone and all things will work properly. By that also you can relief also.

    (3). Think about your work

    You will have to think about your work. That where are you working or what are you working on. If you keep sitting on the table in front of any laptop or computer. Then you should consider your chair. You will have to see the length of the table, the height of the chair. It is not fixed that the height of the chair should be as much. You will have to see this thing according to your body shape, height, weight.

    (4). Eat healthy according to the bone

    A healthy diet is very important for you. If you are eating junk food then your weight will increase definitely and you will be overweight. Overweight puts extra pressure on the backbone. So, you have to eat healthily. For bones, you have to eat calcium, protein, phosphorus and Vitamin D rich food. These are very important for your bones. These will make your bones strong, healthy and give proper growth.

    Treatment of back pain at home

    • Lose your overweight
    • Don’t lift heavy items
    • Lift everything in a proper way
    • Perfect posture
    • Sleep on a hard surface
    • Sit on a supportable chair
    • Don’t do heavy exercise

    Yoga For Lower Back Pain

    All yoga is very important for our health. But today we are telling yoga with lower back pain. Treatment of lower pain from yoga. We are sharing with you some yoga at the point of back pain.

    1. Uttanapadasana
    2. Hallasan
    3. Paschimottanasan
    4. Ardmatsyendrasana
    5. Chakrasana
    6. Mercatasan
    7. Bhujangasan
    8. Dhanurasan
    9. Shalbhasan
    10. Surya Namaskar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What can i do to relieve back pain?

    Ans- Maintain correct posture, take a healthy diet, perfect your posture, wear proper footwear, sleep properly, make your job easy, etc.

    Q2. What are the causes of lower back pain?

    Ans. There are many reasons for pain in your back. But some common causes are there.

    • Your posture
    • Your sleeping posture
    • Your job
    • Heavyweight lifting
    • Your work
    • Any surgery
    • Any injection in the backbone
    • Forcefully work

    Q3. Can walking help in back pain?

    Ans. Yes, when you walk your body releases endorphin hormone. This hormone reduces pain from our bodies. So, walking or small exercise is not only helpful for your full body but it is also helpful in back pain also.

    Q4. How sleeping position matters in back pain?

    Ans. A sleeping position is very important. Mostly we sleep on the cot. But we should not sleep on a cot because when we sleep on cot our backbone remains to bend the whole night. So, we should sleep on a hard bed. You may say you will have to sleep on a hard surface.

    Q5. Is sitting for a long time is bad bor back pain?

    Ans. No, sitting for a long time is not bad for your backbone. But, it can dangerous if you are not sitting in a proper manner or in other words, not in good posture. You should keep your backbone straight most of the time. After some time you will be habituall of it.



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