What Causes Of Depression?| Types, Symptoms, & Treatment

causes of depression

Depression is the problem of the whole world. WHO(World Health Organization) has said this thing. There are several causes of depression. On a daily bases, humans are going towards death because of depression. In this article, we will read all the reasons of depression, effects, and treatment of depression.

What Is Depression Or Meaning Of Depression

Depression is a mood disorder. It almost depends on your mood. Means how, are you feeling in the present time. The problem of depression is going on. Basically, we say that depression is because of chemical imbalance. But, it is not totally true. There are so, many possible causes of depression.

In this condition basically people live with sadness for months or weeks. We can not do any work in this condition. Patient doesn’t listen to anyone. It has found that in most of the cases mostly students are walking towards death because of depression. They get depressed because of their studies and career. Basically, we can say that it a mental disorder.

The problem of depression can be from one person to another person. Depressed people very sad, hopeless, and they don’t love even that work that’s made them happy in the past or you may say before the depression.

Types Of Depression

There are many types of depression. People divide depression into so many types. But here we will discuss some common types of depression. Mainly most people face this type of depression.

(1). Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

A major depressive disorder is the most common type of depression. It has categorized by its factor-like hopeless, loneliness, sadness, etc. Basically it is characterized by the disorder of mood. In this, you can face many factors for 2 weeks or more than weeks.

  • Depressed mood
  • The feeling of depression the whole day
  • No interest in the things that you use to enjoy most of the time
  • Low energy for the whole day
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Suddenly change in body weight
  • Thinking about death or suicide

(2). Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD)

  • Less productivity.
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of energy

Symptoms Of Depression

Most people feel lonely, sad, restless most of the time. It is a normal thing because of life struggle or life race. But If, it is going for a long time than you are going towards a black hole of depression. Depression is a harmful disease it can affect anyone. Who has less control over emotions, thoughts, and no ability to thinking? So, there is many signs of depression that we are discussing below.

Following symptoms of depression or signs of depression

(A). Loss Of interest In Daily Life Activity– You do not care about your interest, hobbies, involve in social activities, sex, etc. You don’t feel joy.

(B). Helpless Or Worthless– You think very bad about yourself, about your life. You think that you have lost everything in your life. Anyone is not helping you. Every time you accusation your luck.

(c). Anxiety– In this form, you will feel that the heart rate of the patient is increasing rapidly, rapid breathing, heavy sweating. You can not think about the problem and solution to that thing because you are worried now or at this moment or in other words in the present.

(D). Loss Of Energy- Feeling sluggish, and physically drained. You will take more time even in any simple task. After that task, you will feel sleepy definitely.

(E). Insomnia– You know insomnia is common problem of sleeping. In depression either getting up in early morning or not sleeping even 3-4 hours and oversleeping.

(F). Body Pain– Feeling ache in any body part suddenly without any problem like headache, back pain, stomach pain, bones pain, etc.

(G). Changes In Body Weight– Suddenly or rapidly unexpected changes in body weight either losing body weight or on the other side gain heavyweight without any nutrition or diet plan. In short, words suddenly change in body weight.

(H). Change In Emotions– At a moment you are in a high anger mood after a minute you are laughing loudly and after that minute you are crying in the unstoppable method. In simple words, your emotions can change in a small-time period.

Causes Of Depression

There are several reasons that can increase the chances of depression. Read below the following reasons of depression. So, let’s know the main causes of depression.

(A) Family History

If in your family there is the problem of depression or any other mood disorder then you are at a high risk of depression. You can get depression at any time. If any family member of any other relative has depression then it means not that you will get the problem of depression directly.

(B) Uses Of Alcohol And Drugs

causes of depression

Uses of drugs and alcohol can lead to deep depression. Many people have the problem of drugs and wine with the problem of depression. People can go into depression because of drugs. They lose their control also when they do not get drugs after a particular time period. So, avoid drugs. It can be very harmful.

(C) Loneliness

Chances of depression can increase if you are alone. You are not going with your friends outside. If you are not with your family. You are far away from your family. It can also be a very harmful cause of depression. People think very much about there family and these things let them go in a very bad disease called depression.

(D) Stressful time

Most of the time people face stressful times in their life. They face like a load of work, lose their job or any other condition like pressure for money, etc. In this condition, you should spend your time with your family instead of Hendel’s problem alone. Because you can not face this type of problem alone. You can get stress also.

(E) Serious illness

Sometimes the existence of depression can be because of a major illness or you may say for a long time illness or maybe any other medical condition. It can happen if you are facing any medical problem for a long time or any chronic pain you are facing.

(F) Giving Birth

People can face the problem of depression because of pregnancy and giving birth. It can happen because of physical change, hormonal changes and the responsibility of newborn babies.

(G) Painfull Event

Most people get the problem of depression in painfull events like the sudden death of any family member, any big accident of family member. Because of it most of people invite the problem of depression.

Treatment Of Depression

There are so many treatments for a depressed person like medication, therapy, self-help, etc. But you will have to understand which way is best for you. At the time of depression, you can feel that you can’t recover from this condition of depression or a dark shadow. But there is a specific treatment for every condition of depression.

But every treatment will be effective if the patient will try to recover from depression. if he/she thinks that I have to take off this condition. Then every treatment will work 2 times faster. It is not necessary that if one person is affected by one kind of depression then another person is also affected by some kind of depression. That way if one kind of treatment is working on one kind of patient then the same treatment can’t work on another patient. Now we have read about the causes of depression. Now, we will discuss the treatment of depression.

Following Tips And Tricks For The Treatment Of Depression

(1). Understand as much you can your depression

First of all, it is very important to understand that from which condition of depression are you suffering. If you are under the very complicated conditions that you need the treatment of that condition firstly. You need a professional doctor for this condition that can make you bring in normal conditions from the complicated conditions. So, first of all, see the condition of the patient and take him/her to the best doctor.

(2). Social support

Build your social connections. Spend most of the time with comedian, emotional friends, with family. Don’t fear to take help from friends. If you are taking help from friends or a family member then it would not mean that you are forcing others or you are a burden for others. If you need any help then you can take help easily from others. A simple way of talking from face to face can be very helpful for you.

(3). Sleep

Sleep puts a strong effect on your mood. If you are not taking proper sleep, then you will find your sad, fatigue, energyless, etc. Take proper rest every night. Some people sleep every night but they sleep less than 7 hours. The patient should take a rest between 7 Hours to 9 hours. That’s why you can feel the energetic full day.

Causes of depression

(4). Do something different

You should take yourself in this condition that you can do something different. It will help you to utilize your time in the work that makes you feel good. In different work, you will not feel bored and you will complete your work easily and you will also enjoy that work. After completing the work you will get confidence also. Yes, I can do anything.

(5). Healthy diet

There is not any fixed diet for depression. But in depression if, you are eating heavy food or you are not taking food properly. Then you should control your diet. If you are taking a heavy diet then try to control your diet and eat less and healthy. If you are not taking even food or taking less than it is very dangerous for you because food is very important for overall health. You have to take food on time that’s why you can feel the energetic full day.

It was only the management of the diet. Along with you have to take a healthy diet. Avoid junk food completely. Because as much will you take junk food along with so many diseases will come and that disease will again affect your mind or mood.

(6). Exercise

Exercise is very important not even in our disease but it is important for our life. When we do exercise it does not put effects only on the body. It also puts an effect on our mind, thinking power, thinking attitude, etc. That’s why exercise plays an important role in depression. You have to do exercise on daily exercise. Don’t have to go to the GYM. A patient has to do simple exercises like jogging, meditation, pranayama, etc.

Yoga For Depression

There are many poses of yoga. You should try every pose of yoga. There is not any specific yoga for depression that can work like medicine in depression. But we are telling you some yoga that can put an effect on your mind. If your mind will change then you will definitely recover from depression.

  • Sasakasana
  • Paschimottanasan
  • Chakrasana
  • Surya Namaskar
  • HeadstandKING OF YOGA

Frequently Ask Questions

(1). What are the causes of stress?

Ans. Stress can become from any work, any disturbance, and family problem, any burden, and office work and it can also be because of less rest, any tension. Basically these are the most common reasons for stress.

(2). What is depression?

Ans. According to research depression a mental disorder. It is only a change in our mood, thinking the power, etc. In depression, we can not control ourselves. We can not think that what is going on in our life, in our family, in our society. Our complete focus keeps on a particular topic.

(3). Why does stress cause depression?

Ans. Stress can be a genetic, chemical imbalance and any life problem. But it can increase the risk of the depression or it can push you towards the depression if we are not handling stress in a good way. It can be if we can not come out from stress properly.

I hope our article was helpful to you. For more information about health, mind, yoga, Gym visits our site: healthtratio.com



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