“Main Reasons of stomach Pain”-Symptoms, Signs & Treatment

    Reasons of stomach pain

    Read about the main reasons of stomach pain in this article. Stomach pain(abdominal pain) depends on many factors, in this article, you will know about the main reasons for stomach pain and the treatment of stomach pain. IT can be because of the virus also.

    (1) Food Poisoning

    It is the main reason for stomach pain. If you have stomach pain you may have indigestion or food virus. But In this condition, if the stomach pain is going on more than 2 days than it can be a serious problem. In this condition, you should go to a good doctor and you should consult this problem with your doctor.

    If it is a normal problem then you can get relief easily way by some basic methods. We will give you a solution to the last of our articles. It is not as much a big issue. It can solve its own it own.

    (2) Gas

    Gas is the most common problem of your stomach pain. It mainly occurs when bacteria break down your food in the small intestine. But bacteria can not decompose your food completely. So, It can be because of heavy food, you do not use your teeth while eating food. You take food directly in your stomach.

    Some foods also make gas in the stomach
    • Brussels sprouts, cabbage
    • Asparagus, broccoli
    • cabbage
    • Beans
    • Lactose the natural sugar
    • Peas, oat bran
    • Corn, pasta, potatoes
    • Sorbitol
    • Brown rice

    (3) Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Those people who have the problem of IBS are not able to digest food properly. They can not digest some special types of food. They get relief after a bowel moment. You should not take such type of food. In this problem, you have to see which food you are not able to digest properly. After knowing you should not take that food.

    (4) Acid

    Occasionally acid runs in our belly. It runs towards our mouth also. Acid also occurs due to junk food, heavy oily food, and undigested food. Normally, the LES closes as soon as possible when the food passes through it. If the LES does not close or it often opens then the stomach produces acid.

    Common Risk Factors For Acid Disease
    • Being overweight or fatty
    • Taking ibuprofen, relaxation medicine
    • Blood pressure medicine
    • Pregnant
    • Keep doing smoking
    • Keep drinking alcohol, coffee, tea

    (5) Pregnancy

    causes of stomach pain

    During pregnancy, a woman can feel abdominal pain. It can be a normal process or it can be harmful also. In this condition, you should consult your doctor. If you have not this problem but you should go to the doctor normally 2 times in a month. Because at the time pregnancy constant checkup is necessary. It is good for a mother and for her child also.

    (6) Carbohydrates Problem

    Some people can’t digest carbohydrates. Basically carbohydrates that are found in milk products are heavy. These products produce a problem with some people like abdominal pain, gas, etc.

    These were the main causes of stomach pain. We face many types of pain in our stomach. Now, we will discuss all types of pain.

    Types Of Pain In The Stomach & Reasons

    There are many reasons for pain in the stomach as well as there are so many types of pain in the stomach. Many types of pain are not as dangerous(serious) but many pains can be dangerous. We often say that what are the causes of stomach pain. But we don’t know that from which type of pain are we suffering like left side pain, right side pain, upper side pain, downside pain.

    (1) Reasons of stomach pain in upper left side

    If there is a pain in the upper left side in our stomach then It can be spread(enlarged) or large spleen(Paliha). The ribs attached to our spinal. In this area, these ribs protect our many-body parts. These body parts are included in this side like stomach, left kidney, spleen, etc. Any injury can affect any organ in this part.

    (2) Reasons of stomach pain in the lower-left side

    It can be because of swelling in left ovarian. SO, don’t worry if you have minor pain in this area. You can get relief in one after half a day easily. You can feel vomiting also. But, if you have pain because of any injury, accident then immediately call your consultant or a doctor.

    (3) Pain in the right side

    If you have the ache of the stomach in the upper right side then it can be because of Gallbladder Disease. There can be some type of infection in the gallbladder. There can be ache in the lower right side pain if there is any problem like any stone( Appendicitis), any uterus infection or any disease.

    If You Goes To a Doctor Then The Doctor Can Ask Such Type Of Question To You.

    It is the hardest task for a doctor to know about the actual reason for the ache of the patient. A doctor asks this type of question to know about the real problem of the patient. Asking questions from a patient is very important to work for a doctor to understand every condition of a patient and the main reason for pain.

    If you go to a normal type of doctors like a doctor of the village or a small clinic then the doctor will ask you these question because he/she wants to know that if the patient need of a big hospital or a professional then the doctor will send the patient to a good doctor also.

    • From how long do you have pain
    • what were you doing when the pain started
    • How is the pain means normal or high
    • From which side your stomach is paining
    • What were you feeling when the pain started
    • Were you feeling good in the last few days
    • Are you feeling like vomiting
    • Where is the pain
    Left side     Right side     Upper side     Downside
    • Do you have fever also
    • Do you have a gas problem also or are you passing gas
    • From women, are you pregnant or are you taking birth control pills
    • Have you traveled for a long time recently

    These types of question doctor can ask from you. You have to tell the correct answer to the doctor. Because it is good not only for you it is also a good doctor that’s why a doctor can give you good medicine or on the base of your real problem and as soon as possible.

    Treatment for abdominal pain at home

    You should try these steps for the treatment at your home if you have mild pain. First of all your fist work is to determine your problem that why your stomach is paining. You can be some common problems also.

    Take some quantity of water or good type of liquid like juice. Because juice or water not heavy for your stomach. You should take Lukewarm water. You can put half a spoon of salt in your water. A patient has to take only one glass of water. You can add one lemon also in your water with salt. It will help in indigestion and in the gas problem also.

    People who have debates should check their sugar levels. They should not take sweat things. For this type of person, green vegetables are not less than Nectar.
    Don’t take any medicine without consulting with your consultant. It can be very harmful to you.
    If you have been vomiting. In this condition, you should take plenty of water and then you should wait 4-5 hours. Then you should take light food like rice, juice. Never take dairy products like milk, paneer, butter. Because these foods are so heavy. In the condition of vomiting your liver can not digest these types of foods.

    causes of stomach pain

    Take plenty of water on a daily bases to prevent abdominal pain. You should not take water immediately after food. You have to drink water for at least one hour of food.
    Adjust your meal in a small interval of time.
    Your meal should be well-balanced. It should contain the proper amount of fibers, vitamins, carbohydrates. Take plenty of vegetables and fruits.
    You should not take food like tea, pizza, burger, etc. Because these are undigestable food.
    Exercise daily.

    Yoga For Stomach Pain

    Yoga for stomach pain. In this article, we are telling you about only 2 yoga. But in the next article, but in the next article, we will discuss all yoga in brief. Yoga plays an important role in our lives and in our health. Yoga is helpful in the treatment of all disease but, these yoga plays an important role in the treatment of stomach pain. You don’t have to do this yoga at the time of stomach pain. The patient should try yoga after the treatment of stomach pain, that’s why in the future you will not face the problem.

    (A). Markatasana

    Steps For Doing Markatasana

    • Lie down straight and keep both the hands parallel to the shoulders with knees bend and keep them near the hip.
    • Spread the arms parallel to the shoulders.
    • The palms are open towards the sky.
    • Then both of them now bend the knees to the right and let the right decrease on the ground. The left knee rests on the right knee.
    • yes, and right leg eddy rests on the left leg eddy. keep the neck rotated to the left.
    • In the same way, do this asana from the left side.

    Benefits of this yoga for stomach problems

    1. It makes the stomach light.
    2. It removes pain from the stomach.
    3. Prevents diarrhea.
    4. Gas.

    (B). Gharbhasna

    Steps For Doing Gharbhasna

    • Sit in the padmasana.
    • Hold the hands out of the middle of the thigh and calf gestation.
    • The weight of the body will remain at the buttocks.

    Benefits of this yoga for stomach

    1. Increase gastrointestinal.
    2. Very useful for a complete digestion system.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Q.1 What causes of stomach pain?

    Ans- Reasons are food poisoning, gas, stone, pregnancy, etc.

    Q.2 How food poising is a common thing?

    Ans- It can be because of a virus, bacteria, etc. We can easily escape from it.

    Q.3 There can pain in the stomach of a pregnant lady. True or false?

    Ans- Yes, it is normal at the time of pregnancy lady will face the problem of stomach pain. She also feels some other type of problem like vomiting, being restless, etc.

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